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We are pleased to offer lunch and learn sessions that are AIA approved and eligible for CEC’s (continuing education credits). The following are our standard offerings but these can be tailored based on the needs of your firm. Please click on Request a Session and select your session of interest to submit your request to our office, and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.
Session Name
Program Description
Elevate BPU: Architectural Metal Roofing

This course provides an overview of the types of architectural steep-slope metal roofing systems, metal types and finish types, system selection, substrates and fastening methods.

Elevate BPU: Designers Guide To Vegetative Roofing Systems

This presentation will provide an overview of the benefits of vegetative roofing, discuss market drivers, design and installation methods, and maintenance considerations.

Elevate BPU: Introduction To Daylighting Systems

This program provides an overview of the different types of day lighting systems, benefits of each, and installation options.

Elevate BPU: It’s In The Details

This program discusses the most common details that must be addressed in any roof design, while exploring the basic concepts involved in both single ply and asphalt roof system details. We’ll also take a look at a number of examples of what not to do whenit comes to detailing your roof, as well as exploring benefits of liquid-applied flashing solutions.

Elevate BPU: Low-Slope Roofing Warranties

This course explains the different types of low-slope roofing warranties. Clarifies normal exclusions. Illuminates the responsibilities of the manufacturer and owner. Utilizes case study examples to illustrate warrantable and non-warrantable conditions.

Elevate BPU: Optimized Insulation

This course covers the purpose of insulation; current code and environmental issues; the function & different types of roof insulations; compares performance of different types; layout and attachment methods; condensation issues and tapered insulation.

Elevate BPU: Resilient Roofing – Meeting ASCE 7-16 Standards

The purpose of this course is to discuss how the new ASCE 7-16 standard contributes to resilient roofing systems.

Elevate BPU: Single-Ply Roof Membranes

A Level 1 Single-Ply Roof Covers presentation that will cover benefits, differences between membranes and the major differences between seaming methods. Along with the attachment methods.

Elevate BPU: The Single-Ply Assemblies

An in depth exploration of the specific installation methods and system assemblies for each of the single-ply roof cover types.

Elevate BPU: Commercial Roofing Technologies

A Roofing 101 presentation that provides a high level overview of roof decks, roof insulation, and single-ply and asphalt roof covers, and the basic installation methods of each.

Elevate BPU: Understanding Thermoplastics – Why TPO And PVC Are Winning On The Rooftop

This presentation discusses the most widely utilized commercial roof cover technology – thermoplastic membranes, with a core focus on TPO and PVC applications. Similarities and differences in the production, installation, and performance of thermoplastic roofing membranes will be explored. The presenter will also note the advantages of viewing a roofing assembly as a “system,” instead of just a membrane and its accessories, and provide guidance on how to choose the appropriate roofing system for a given building.

Gaco: Roof Coatings – A Sustainable Choice

Provides the basics of defining roof coatings, the variety or roof coatings available in the market, coating sustainability on roof surfaces, and the energy benefits it may provide.

Gaco: Waterproofing Solutions

Covers the basics of waterproofing vs. damp-proofing, reasons why you should be clearly specifying waterproofing, and the methods of application.

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