Polyiso is a closed-cell, rigid foam board insulation compatible with all types of commercial roofing systems. Polyiso is one of North America’s most widely-used and cost-effective insulation products and is known for its responsible impact on the environment.


Benefits of Polyiso Insulation:

  • Dynamic Temperatures

    Polyiso is stable over a large temperature range (-100F to +250F) and can be used as a component in roof systems utilizing hot asphalt.

  • Resistance to Chemicals

    Polyiso is not affected by oil-based waterproofing compounds, insecticides or fertilizers when properly protected.

  • Highest R-Value Per Inch

    Higher R-value per inch means less Polyiso material is required. The result: greater energy efficiency, reduced energy waste, and lowered costs for both materials and labour.

  • Environmental Impact

    Virtually no global warming potential. Recyclable through reuse. Zero ozone depletion potential.

  • Thermal Performance

    Only high-thermal foam to meet both FM 4450 and UL 1256 fire tests and stay intact during fire exposure in the ASTM E84 or “Tunnel Test”.

Insulation Products Available:

For more information on Insulation, please contact us directly or visit Elevate’s website.

GenFlex Polyiso

GenFlex polyiso insulation has options for almost any commercial roofing system, and our products are some of the most effective and affordable solutions available. Combine dependability with industry-respected impact resistance, energy savings, and fire resistance, and you’ve got GenFlex.


  • Higher R-value per inch than some other insulations
  • Environmentally sound choice
  • HCFC Free for no ozone depletion
  • Proven fire resistance
  • Superior Strength
  • Meets building code requirements
  • Compatible with GenFlex EPDM and EZ TPO

GenFlex Polyiso Products Available:

  • GenFlex GL ISO
  • GenFlex CG ISO
  • GenFlex HD ISO
  • GenFlex HD Comp
  • GenFlex NB ISO

For more information on GenFlex Polyiso, please contact us directly or visit GenFlex’s website.